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"I look forward to my hour session so much – Just knowing it will probably be the most relaxing hour of my week – Jenni’s massage room makes me feel comfortable and relaxed – Jenni gives the absolute best massage, she has the right touch – I feel so much better after a session."

 _  Jeff Matson, Buyer / Manager 

 Wilber's Total Beverage



"Every massage I receive from Jenni is deeply relaxing and she always addresses any problem areas.  It is both relaxation and therapeutic massage that I always look forward to.  I’ve had fewer aches and pains since seeing her regularly."

_ Sussanah Neal, Acupuncturist



"Jenni is a true professional, who tailors every massage session around your personal needs.  She creates a relaxed environment, and with every massage I feel energized and revived.

My tight back is gone after one session.  I am very pleased to have Jenni as my massage therapist, and recommend her to my family and friends, and anyone who needs a great massage!"

 _ Gabriela Maja, Owner

GM Bookkeeping & Payroll Services



"My wife goes to Jenni on a regular basis.  But when I had some lower back pain I decided that I would see if a massage would help.  After my first session I was so pleased that the pain was better that I went back for a second session.  After that massage my pain was gone.  This was not a medical appointment, but the massage worked on my sore back muscles.  I would recommend Jenni to anyone."

 _ Contented Client



"I have been going to Jenni Hansen Massage since 2010.  I work on computers a lot for my job and a monthly massage relaxes the tension in my neck and shoulders.  I highly recommend Jenni, and I really look forward to relieving the stress & tension when I go to see her." 

 _ Dan Shinneman




"I've been using Jenni Hansen as a massage therapist since 2012.  I see her on a bi-weekly basis.  She pays great attention to detail.  She is so good at what she does that she seems to hit spots on my body that I'm not even aware of being sore.  Her therapy has helped me so much with the daily grind of the construction industry.  GREAT JOB!!!"

 _ Travis Reyes, Construction



"I especially appreciate the way Jenni customizes her massages to your body; your likes, preferences and, more importantly, how your body responds.  Each successive massage builds from the previous to provide the client an exceptional personalized experience."

 _ Kathryn Pedersen, RN




"I do office desk work all day long.  I have been going to Jenni for years, now.  She knows my neck, shoulders and back so well! She always works out my "problem" knots, and I'm so relaxed after my massage, I don't feel like driving home!

She is part of my solution for a happy, healthy and well body.  Thank you Jenni!"

 _ Willow Reyes, Accountant,

Wasson-Ece Instrumentation



"I found Jenni through a friend and now I won't go to another therapist! I am an active 68 year old grandmother who lifts toddlers, hikes, bikes, skis, plays golf and practices yoga.  Jenni really listens to my concerns as we address issues before a session.  Inevitably, she finds a tender spot and releases it before I even knew it was there.  I have scheduled 90 minute massage once a month and amazingly each one is different.  She "reads" my body well and I so appreciate the feedback after each healing massage.  I am so committed to Jenni that I routinely purchase one of her specially priced packages as well as a gift certificate for a relative."

 _ Pat Peterson, Retired Teacher



"I look forward to every massage scheduled with Jenni.  She absolutely focuses in on the issues with my body and I always leave feeling so much better and more relaxed.  I have seen a lot of therapists over the years but have always returned to her and would highly recommend Jenni - she is the best!"

 _ Mary Baldwin, Realtor

Coldwell Banker



"Jenni's massage work is exceptional! She listens very carefully each and every time to what concerns I have or just what I would like that day.  Then she adds her expertise and provides a "just right" massage response."

 _ Jan Latona, Retired Psychologist



"Jenni's massages are wonderful.  She works with you and your body to provide a truly relaxing experience.  Her caring touch and gentle manner are an essential part of this experience, and with this, she helps relieve the pain and knots created by living in a hectic world.  I will not go anywhere else."

 _ Kristin Townsend, Writer



"I love that Jenni takes the time to get to know me and really works to give me a very individual massage.  She takes diligent notes and puts them into practice with each session.  She really uses your feed back to improve your experience.  Her work is some of the best I have had since moving to Fort Collins."

 _ Alyssa Denton



"As a tax accountant, my stress level is pretty severe.  Jenni always melts my stiffness away into a relaxed bliss!"

 _ Debora Urban, Accountant

Urban Accounting and Tax Service



"I like the extra special touches you do like the heated pad on the table and the warm barley bags.

I like the fact that you are open to suggestions and try new methods.  The massage room is very relaxing, I like that."

 _ Sheila, RN



"Jenni works those areas of your body that may be tight and restoring those areas thus balancing your muscles and relaxing your whole body.  Excellent atmosphere and attentiveness to detail!"

 _ Fred Petersen, Retired


"Great Massages! Also, the space is very nice!"

  _ Greg Hill,

Research Associate, CSU


" Jenni is very attuned to what you want.  Even if you have tight muscles, yet do not want deep tissue, she does what you want.  That is customer service.  Another great thing about Jenni is that if she is unsure on how to best help your problem, she will not fake it.  She either refers you or studies up on how to best help you."

 _ Mike Hester



"Being a massage therapist I have had a fair share of bodywork.  Jenni, by far has been my favorite massage therapist.  She offers the right amount of pressure and always goes above and beyond for me.  She is so professional and caring.  I can’t say enough about her as a therapist and a friend."

 _ Misty Sedlacek,

Licensed Massage Therapist



"Your massage room is very inviting and I feel very relaxed in there.  You work close to my house.  I like your techniques.  The way you treat your clients is very professional.  You are easy to talk to.  Want to Please the Client.  I feel you know your profession very well.  I would recommend you to anyone to be their massage therapist."

 _ Coleen Hanson



"I have been Jenni's client along with my wife since 2009.

I often have sore muscles due to power lifting training.  Her ability to find and treat the sore and strained muscles are a testimony to her wealth of knowledge and skills.

I highly recommend Jenni to anyone looking for a great massage therapist."

 _ Levi Csipkes,

Raintree Athletic Club



"One thing is true Jenni…

You give an amazing massage! The work you do on my neck and shoulder area is incredible.  I don’t know how those little hands deliver such wonderful pressure!

The best part is who you are though.  Massage involves exchanging energy and it has been a pleasure doing that with a truly peaceful and good soul like you! Thanks!"

 _ Contented Client



"Jenni has an inner gift to be able to “read” her clients well and know how to help realign your energy stores.  She is the kind of person who I will go to repeatedly and enjoy each experience.  Strong hands are really important for me too being a guy, and Jenni has them. 

Thanks, and Namaste!"

 _ Contented Client



"We highly recommend Jenni!

She is unique in that she combines experience and strength with muscular skeletal knowledge.

All that plus a genuine person - compassion, generosity and friendliness.

Jenni makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet her.  She inquires about your current and past (historic) injuries or conditions – the next thing you know – you are on your way to healing and rest.

I know you will love her as much as we do (my husband is her client as well)!"

All our best,

 _ Linda & Gary Burgur



" Jenni,

Thanks for making me feel euphoric with your amazing energy and your engaging/detailed massage techniques.  You are very professional yet really inviting. Thanks for caring,"

 _ Seth Barrick



"I have never had regular massages until I met Jenni Hansen.  She is a great listener as you explain your needs before the massage.  I feel this is extremely important because each client deserves a massage to fit his or her particular needs.

The environment is warm, relaxing and, most of all, comforting."

_ Norma Cowell



"-Very sweet and professional

-Soothing atmosphere

-Strong hands that melt away stress points

-Customized therapy to compliment my cancer treatments"

 _ Teresa Payne



"Jenni Hansen is a natural healer and has as intuitive touch that makes the massage all the more rewarding.  I always feel wonderful after getting a massage from Jenni Hansen."

 _ Mark Schapker,

CSU Communications



"I have been getting massage for at least 40 years, in many places around the world from a lot of different massage therapists.  Jenni Hansen is one of the very best that I have been to.  I usually have specific problems for her to work on such as neck, lower back, upper back etc. and she knows what to do in each area.  I totally relax when Jenni is working on me.  I highly recommend Jenni Hansen."

_ Mike Schutte, C.E.O.,

Green CO2 Systems



"Jenni provides a relaxing, yet energizing massage with just the right amount of pressure.  She is quiet and provides a soothing environment.  She asks for feedback but does not require the client to talk or talk too much.  I doubt I will ever seek another masseur."

 _ Stephanie Patton



"I have been very incredibly impressed with Jenni's massage, she's an incredible therapist with a very wonderful gift to share.  In the seven years I have lived in Fort Collins I have been to many massage therapists, and have found Jenni to be at the top of the list.  I have found Jenni to be very professional and compassionate, and knowledgeable in her study, I will refer her to many people."

 _ Karole Schutte



"It's nice to know that you can count on Jenni to give excellent massages.  Complete and total relaxation.  Jenni has great hands.  She's a natural in addition to really knowing her stuff (training, technique, etc.)"

 _ Liza Hunn



"I had a great experience going to Jenni for a massage.  A very relaxing & comforting environment.  And O’ Boy! What a great massage, she makes sure you leave refreshed and very, very sleepy I  I would highly recommend Jenni to anyone, she really knows what she is doing."

 _ Renche Rodrequez



"Jenni is an excellent and empathetic massage therapist who knows how to use the right touch."

 _ Contented Client



 "Jenni is kind, considerate and very thorough in her approach to her massages."

 _ Claude



"I enjoy receiving massages from Jenni because of the consistency of a guaranteed great massage each session."

 _ Mick Occhiato,

First City Mortgage banker/Broker



"Having a massage with Jenni is a total experience.  Right when you walk in the door Jenni makes you feel like you are her only appointment of the day and that she has a perfect massage just for you.  She remembers where you are generally sore and recognizes if you just need to relax.  Her techniques are great and relaxing.  She always gets the knots out and has you leaving your massage totally relaxed as well.  You will have peace of mind, as the atmosphere is so calming.  I can recommend Jenni with no reservations of any kind, as she is just super… as a person and as a massage therapist!"

 _ Another Contented Client



"I have been going to Jenni for massages for over a year now, and it has been a wonderful investment of my time and money for health benefit it has afforded me.  My first appointment with her was because of a coupon in a local advertising, I quickly realized that using her package deal was a great way to enjoy the benefit of a wonderful massage at a reduced rate.  Jenni is a very personal, kind and caring person who is able to customize your massage to meet your needs.  She provides an excellent massage, whether it’s for relaxation or stress relief, in a very comfortable, peaceful setting with a flexible schedule.  I highly recommend her massage services."

 _ Louise Smith



"I am not sure whether my investment in 90 minutes a week for more than a year with Jenni’s massage treatment is more for my body or my mind.  Either way both seem to be paying off.  It is more than the 90-minutes though because she is just a phone call away when you are not there to consult her on an ache, an injury or advice.  Certainly I have seen my body respond by allowing me to do more with less pain and making me feel younger.  I think though, the treatment for mind is equally pleasant.  Jenni takes a personal interest in you and is genuine.  She wants to make you feel better and for that 90-minutes she is totally into making you feel better both in the body and the mind."

 _ Ken Munsch, President,

Cattleman's Choice Loomix



"Allow me to take this time to comment on my experiences and impressions of your bodywork.  I entered your care with severe lower back issues.  I required a no nonsense and intense couple of sessions, which you provided.  Ongoing bodywork benefited me with improved flexibility and overall improvement.  I am especially impressed with your strength as I require intense tissue work and you are strong enough to supply the needed pressure.  Jenni, from scheduling to the work provided, I am very pleased with your attitude, professionalism, and commitment to improve the health of your clients.  I gladly recommend any who would benefit from bodywork to you with no hesitation.  Thank you! I will continue to use your service." 

_ Sincerely, Laird A Thomas



"Jen has a very peaceful, calming, and relaxing office-massage area.  She shows a real concern and listens to what your needs are as to where the problem areas are in your body.  I never felt rushed to get me in and out.  Jen is a real credit to her profession.  I would and have highly recommended her."

 _ Virgil M.



"Jenni is very professional in her approach yet is very personable and caring.  Her massage techniques are excellent and I always leave feeling like I have a “new lease on life.”  Jenni is careful to begin each session by taking a moment to discuss any personal changes or issues and she keeps good records concerning ongoing issues.  I recommend her highly!"

 _ Craig S.



"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.  While going thru chemo treatments, I went for a massage.  What a healing experience! She just has such a a wonderful healing touch.  When she was finished, I asked if she used some kind of special lotion that made me feel warm inside.  She said, "No, it was me giving you positive energy".  I had felt a rush of warmth come over me and it had such a calming effect."

  _ Deb Hansen



"Jenni is a fine lady and therapist.  So professional, thorough and strives for your comfort.  I love her massages, so relaxing.  So clean."

 _ Eleanor



"Jenni Hansen is a truly professional therapist who helps all of her clients relax in a comfortable environment.  She is sensitive to each persons needs and applies the pressure needed to loosen tight or sore muscles.  Jenni never seems to be in a hurry so each client can receive individual attention.  She encourages suggestions from clients to make sure each massage session contributes to the client’s health and well-being.  I would recommend Jenni to anyone looking for a great massage therapist."

 _ Jim Cowell



"I don’t feel I get a good massage, unless it is a very deep tissue massage.  Jenni was able to accomplish this with perfection.  Jenni’s studio was the perfect temperature and was calm and relaxing.  I have not hesitated to recommend Jenni to my friends and family."

 _ Kevin Ott



"Jenni is one of the most gifted massage therapists I’ve ever experienced.  Her intuitive sensitivity truly results in both an enjoyable and therapeutic massage.  I would recommend Jenni to anyone!"

 _ Sheri P.



"Working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, I come home from work everyday with horrible pains in my back from lifting patients, oxygen tanks, and running around.  My body is in constant motion at work and my job requires a lot of strength from my body.  When I go to see Jenni, she is able to provide me with a time for me to rejuvenate not just my body, but also my mind, and my thoughts.  I have seen other massage therapists, but my experience with Jenni doesn’t even compare.  Her sessions truly are therapeutic.  I leave her office feeling as though I had never worked a day in my life."

 _ Angela Edie



"The massages are great! After searching all of Fort Collins and going to numerous massage therapists, my fiancé’ Angela and I have finally found an extraordinary massage therapist.  No place else even compares.  The massages alone are excellent, and combined with a tranquil environment with aromatherapy and soothing music, this place can’t be beat."

 _ Jason Predick



"Your technique is awesome.  I always come in with aches & pains & leave feeling relaxed & refreshed.  I have come to you several times with migraine/headache pain & you always take care of it."

 _ Kristen



"Jenni is capable of applying very deep pressure, which my body often needs; but more importantly, she knows when and where to ease up.  During the massage, Jenni “Listens” to my body, and appropriately applies her WIDE repertoire of techniques.  Rather than just walking through a pre-set routine or focusing on the clock, she seems genuinely more interested in working out my tension.  In addition, Jenni is very professional, yet she is warm and friendly, making me feel comfortable.  I had tried a large number of massage therapists before finding Jenni, and I immediately chose her as my regular therapist after my initial session.  I cannot recommend Jenni enough." 

 _ John



I love Jenni’s touch, selection of music, lighting, ambience but most of all the terrific therapy I get from 90 minutes of PURE relaxation.  I’m pleased to recommend her & massage in general to fix what ails you.  You’re worth it!  She’s especially good at working on trouble spots.

 _ Lou Lois



"I feel Jenni is really skilled at personalizing a massage experience to the specific needs of her client.  She has excellent technique & rapport.  Her massage increases my flexibility and relieves soreness while creating a sense of tranquility~ they literally melt my tension away! I have been to her many times & recommend her highly."

 _ Glenn Ann



"As a busy hospital administrator I learned long ago the value of massage therapy in dealing with stress and promoting health.  The obvious challenge is finding the right therapist.  I can recommend Jenni Hansen as such without reservation.  Her skill, compassion, and professionalism are traits that I value and feel you would as well."

 _ Bill Horner



"I’m a registered nurse who works on her feet continuously for 12-hour shifts.  Combine this with arthritis in my neck and three hand surgeries I’ve had as a result of a competitive softball injury and you can see why I have come to be such a fan of massage therapy.  I highly recommend Jenni Hansen in this regard.  Her skill is superior and her sensitivity for my injured neck and hands help me relax and enjoy the rejuvenation and healing my massages provide without fail.  Every visit seems to be the best massage I have ever had."

 _ Denise Horner



"Jenni is a marvelously talented & devoted massage therapist.  I am lucky to have found her!"

 _ Ingrid



"Jenni has an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the human body & musculoskeletal system and delivers a wonderful massage.  I have experienced the hands of several different massage therapists and Jenni is by far one of the best."

 _ Patty Stepp

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