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"Offering quality massage therapy to my clients in Fort Collins is something I am very passionate about. I believe that in order for massage to be the most effective, it should be a collaboration between client and therapist. A balance of communication beginning with the massage therapist listening closely to your concerns and needs, whether you are in need of a therapeutic or relaxing massage. I have established my practice by focusing on great customer care, listening to your needs and working towards giving the best massage experience I can offer. I don't use a set routine in any of my massages, rather an intuitive touch with "listening hands".  My years of experience and studies show in the application of techniques I have learned and my ability to adjust them to each individual."

_ Jenni Hansen, LMT, Owner

"She absolutely focuses in on the issues with my body..."

_ Mary Baldwin

45 minutes        $60.00


60 minutes        $80.00


 75 minutes         $95.00


   90 minutes         $110.00


               120 minutes         $150.00

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Session rates:




Oncology Massage


Skilled, caring touch can be profoundly supportive throughout a person’s life. I believe it is particularly helpful during times of illness. Oncology Massage is customized bodywork performed with specific modifications to position, timing, and technique that make it safe and effective for people with active cancer and/or cancer history. Oncology Massage can be performed in JHMassage office, in a client’s home, or in a hospital setting, depending on the needs of the client.

Caregiver Massage

Cancer affects the family as well as the patient.  Jenni Hansen Massage offers massage for these important caregivers.

Swedish / Relaxation


Gentle work providing comfort, care, compassion and connection. The therapeutic impact of the relaxation response decreases the central nervous system, reduces heart rate, increases peristalsis, and helps to restore normal blood pressure levels.


This full body massage is the antidote for sore, stressed muscles and weary spirits.

Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue


Deep, firm pressure is applied to specific trigger points to free those tight muscles, and help break the pain pattern.  This therapy warms and spreads the fascia surrounding the muscles to enhance freedom of movement.  We work to restore function and increase mobility and strength. 


This is an excellent treatment for chronic soreness or stiffness.  Comunication will be present to ensure the perfect amount of pressure is applied. 


Swedish / Deep Tissue Combo


For those who need focus work on specific muscle groups using neuromuscular and deep tissue techniques, but still want to relax with a full body massage.  It is the best of both worlds!

Medical Massage


Typically performed on those suffering from specific conditions, such as those caused be car or work related injuries and most often referred by a medical physician.  This outcome-based therapy uses a combination of Neuromuscular, Myofacial release, Range of Motion, and cross fiber to achieve desired results.     


Do you accept insurance? No, JHMASSAGE does not bill insurance, however you can be provided with a receipt of you massage session and bill directly to your insurance for reimbusment if this is an option for you through you ins. company. 

Prenatal Massage


Tailored specifically to the needs of expectant mothers and their changing bodies during pregnancy. 
My approach is gentle and non-invasive. I ensure that the mother and baby are comfortable and well supported on the table.

Aside from alleviating physical discomfort, massage in pregnancy provides a soothing and nurturing experience that allows stress to dissipate.  The mother-to-be may begin prenatal massage to unwind, relax and feel comforted throughout her pregnancy once into the second trimester. 










Ingredients & Benefits:


Arnica Extracts-

Aids skin circulation and helps bruising

Ivy Extract-

Helps stimulate circulation and detoxify

Aloe Vera-

Promotes healing and soothes the skin

Kukui nut oil-

Protects delicate skin tissue from drying out

Vitamin E-

natural ani-oxidant properties preserve freshness


What Lotion do you use?

"My clients love this product.  Many give feedback on how lovely it is to not leave the massage feeling oily and  at the same time how moisturizing it is.  I have used this massage creme since the begining- I love it and appreciate the ingredients.  With its many healing properties, this just adds to the many benefits to your massage!"

_ Jenni Hansen, LMT, Owner

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